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Family Picture
Christmas 2009

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I promise to do better

Oh my goodness, has it really been a month since the last time I posted? Say it ain't so!  I told myself I would stay on top of this blog and I have failed miserably.  I guess I have not posted anything lately because life has been.. well... normal.  I use that term lightly and many of you may laugh that my life is far from your sense of "normal".  In the past month we have just been chugging along and taking things in.  Caroline  has changed more in the last month than at any other time in her life.  She has become a completely different child. She has her own personality and little quirks that make me smile just thinking about them.  Although she may not walk and she may not eat she is not all that different from anyone elses 2 year old.  There are days that go by that I forget anything is wrong. 

        Today, as I sit here at work, I just want to leave and go hold her and love on her.  As of this morning, we have now lost 9 children this past week in our CHD community. Its moments like this that it all comes crashing down.  It really hits home and it makes you want to vomit.  Why does this happen? Why do these children have to go through so much? Why do some of them lose the fight? Why? Why? Why?  I don't have the answers... and I don't think anyone does. I just want more awareness to be brought to this growing problem and more funding for research so that this does not happen.  Hold onto your children and squeeze them extra tight. *sigh*

           On to more cheerful ramblings....  Christmas time is right around the corner and I am so excited.  This will be the first Christmas that I think Caroline will really know a little bit about what is going on.  I want to start traditions with her and make her love it as much as I do!  What Christmas traditions do you have? Please share some of them and maybe I can "adopt" some of your fun things to do at Christmas with the family!

         I really need to put some deeper thought into something I can talk about on my blog. I will try harder to do better than waiting an etire month between blog posts!  In the meantime, please pray for the families who have lost their dear children this week. I cannot imagine what they are going through and they need all the lifting up and extra prayers they can get.

                                         I will leave you with a few pics of sassafrass!