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Family Picture
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Thursday, August 19, 2010


I just wanted to tell everyone that your comments on my FB page have been so sweet. I also didn't realize that so many people didn't really know about Caroline.  I guess at first, you tell everyone about your childs health problems when you find out, and after a while you kind of forget who knows and who doesn't know.  You get to a point where you want her to feel like she is no different from anyone else and so you just almost shy away from telling her story.  Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being so sweet and saying such kind things!

  We have been pretty busy lately cleaning out and moving things around our house. Some of you may know that we had our house on the market for 12 months and that has finally come to an end. SoOo... I am now into making my house more liveable, seeing as I will be there for a while!  In this process I have realized that we just have too much stuff and we need to have a garage sale!  For a month now I have been saying okay next weekend we are having a garage sale. Well, the time has come and we are TRULY having a garage sale this weekend. I am pumped up about getting rid of some stuff and hopefully making some money so that I can do home improvements.  I have also learned through this that I MAY have some hoarding tendencies.  I keep everything and I have a really hard time parting with a lot of my things.  It also doesn't help that some of my family is the same way and when I ask them if I should keep this or that I am met with the response "Well, you may need it one day" hahaha. Oh Dear! So, wish me luck because it will probably be many years before I get up the motivation to have another garage sale!

  I dont know about any of you but I am completely and totally OBSESSED with cooking shows. I have comcast and I go back and forth at nights between Food Network, TLC, and Bravo.  They all do the same thing and are basically the same show with different people but I sometimes stay up until well after midnight just to catch the reruns! Well, I have found a NEW cooking show that I adore.  On Fox Wednesday nights Gordon Ramsey is now doing a cooking show called "Master Chef". What I love about it is that these folks are just normal people who cook normal things that we all could relate to! You should check it out if you haven't already, but beware... if you have the same obsession as I do YOU WILL BE SUCKED IN!

   Back to Caroline:  I don't know why but for some reason in my mind I thought that once she crawled she would just take off and start walking almost immediately. Like I said, I really have no idea why I came to that conclusion!  Caroline didn't sit unassisted until after her first birthday and started crawling only a few months before her second birthday. I know that, in her own time, she will walk. Its just so heart breaking to watch her struggle with it though.  She now has a new walker (kind of like an old folks walker) and she HATES the walker!  Well, let me make a correction, she like standing up and leaning on the walker, but she HATES to use the walker for WALKING!  Friday was one of the worst days of physical therapy we have had in a long time. By the end of therapy we had to get a wet rag and wipe her down because she had sweat so much during the whole process. Its days like that, that I just want to run out with my child and kiss on her and love on her and tell her how sorry I am for putting her through that! If I thought for one minute that she couldn't do it in the future I wouldn't be taking her but I know that she will walk. She will walk and then she will run and it will all be a thing of the past... but right now and every Friday its a thing that I hate to make her do because as a mother I hate for my child to be so unhappy. :(  ..... After saying all of that I want to show you some pictures that the physical therapist took 2 Fridays ago (not the "worst" Friday but the one before that).  Caroline had been screaming and crying for EVER it seemed like and the PT got her digital camera and told Caroline she was going to take a picture.... well, low and behold... my little diva came out!  She turned her smile on just as fast as can be and took a beautiful picture standing with her walker. As soon as the camera flashed she pouted her lip and went straight back to bawling her eyes out.  *sigh*  My child is a princess through and through and I love it!  Here are the pics from that day! ENJOY!

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